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ASID Interior Designers can steer you through the “Phases of Design” and determine exactly what is appropriate for your particular need. They will help you focus on criteria surrounding your project, set goals, assign budgets, develop interior plans and drawings, design built-ins and cabinets, specify lighting and fixtures, select furnishings and fabrics, prepare documents and specifications for contractors and fabricators, and manage the design process to conclusion. ASID Professionals go through the design process on a daily basis. They are the most qualified interior designers in the world and boundless resources for product and service information.


ASID Professional

The “ASID ” after their name signifies the “ASID Professional” members of our society. This is an interior designer who has achieved the top level of qualification through a combination of experience, education and testing.

Allied Member ASID

The “Allied ASID” members of our society are practitioners that are signified by the appellation of “Allied ASID” after their name. This is an interior designer who is in the process of gaining professional status and may be working on completing the criteria to qualify as an “ASID Professional”.

All of the members on this site have passed all the minimum standards of education, experience or testing in order to qualify for ASID Membership. You will find qualified entry level practitioners and seasoned professionals on this site.

Associate Member

The “Associate ASID” members of our society are practitioners that are signified by the appellation of “Associate ASID” after their name.  An associate members’ qualifications include an associate degree in any subject and six years of experience working as an interior designer.


Certified Interior Designer (CID)

Each state differs in their levels of certification and the criteria surrounding any qualification. If you are to employ the services of a designer to work out of state (and many do), you may ask the designer to check into alien qualification and if it’s required.



Any contract or design project undertaken by ASID Members shall be solely between the “Designer” and you, the “Client”. ASID and ASID-Georgia Chapter, will not assume any responsibility, liabilities, damages, claims or costs (including any reasonable attorney’s fees or litigation costs) which may arise from any dispute relating to the terms of and any performance under any contractual agreement between the Designer and the Client.

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