President’s Letter

Big Hello, from your new ASID Georgia Chapter President!

I’m so excited to be your president for the 2014/2015 fiscal year.  This position has been a dream of mine since attending Anderson University.  I was lucky enough to have a professor that promoted and supported the value that ASID would bring to my career as a young designer.

My focus as your president is to grow our chapter membership by working with schools and educators to make ASID a more inclusive chapter throughout Georgia.  It’s important that we embrace our students. They are the future of ASID.

There are many ways to get involved and connected with the chapter through volunteering on program committees, assisting with our office remodel, or simply calling or emailing us with your ideas. We have several great events planned throughout the new year, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate as a practitioner, industry partner, or sponsor.

Many times I’m asked what ASID has done for me. Being part of a professional organization is much more than networking; it’s a way I can give back to the design community, and in return surround myself with a group of people that share common goals. I challenge you to show up and see with your own eyes what ASID can do for you and your business.

Let’s work together to make this next year a successful year for the ASID Georgia Chapter!  I look forward to seeing each of your smiling faces at our events.

Cheers to a successful year!!

Kerry Howard, ASID

President, Georgia Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers, 2014-2015

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